Thứ ba, 8/11/2016 | 19:30 GMT+7
Thứ ba, 8/11/2016 | 19:30 GMT+7

Tỷ phú Jack Ma học tiếng Anh như thế nào

Tự nhận mình 100% "made in China", tỷ phú Jack Ma chưa từng được tiếp xúc với tiếng Anh ở nước ngoài khi còn bé. Nghe ông chia sẻ về việc học ngoại ngữ và điền vào chỗ trống. 

MC: Richard Nixon came to Hangzhou and after that, tourists flooded the place, and that’s how you learned English.

JACK MA: Yes. I really like the… I don’t know why at …(1)…or 13 years old, I suddenly fell in love with the language – English and there was no …(2)…you can learn English at that time. There were no …(3)…, English …(3)…  So I went to the Hangzhou Hotel (now called the Hangzhou Shangri-La Hotel) because that was the hotel can receive the foreign visitors. So every …(4)…for nine years, I showed them around as a free guide, and they taught me English. I think that changed me. I’m 100 percent ‘made in China’.  I never got a one-day training outside of China. And when people talk to me, they say ‘Jack, how can you …(5)…English like that? Why sometimes you talk like the Western guys?’.  I think that was the nine years. These Western tourists opened my …(6)…because everything they told me are so different from the things I learned from …(7)…and from my parents.  

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