Thứ hai, 7/11/2016 | 19:30 GMT+7
Thứ hai, 7/11/2016 | 19:30 GMT+7

Học tiếng Anh: Vì sao chúng ta có ít nhà lãnh đạo nữ

"Nữ tướng Facebook" Sheryl Sandberg cho rằng phụ nữ thường đánh giá thấp khả năng của mình, điều này ngăn cản họ thành công. Nghe và điền từ còn thiếu. 

The problem with these stories is that they show what the data shows: women systematically underestimate their own …(1)…. If you test men and …(2)… , and you ask them questions on totally objective criteria like GPAs, men get it wrong slightly …(3)…, and women get it wrong slightly low. Women do not negotiate for themselves in the workforce. A study in the last two years of people …(4)…the workforce out of college showed that 57 percent of boys …(4)…, or men, I guess, are negotiating their first salary, and only …(5)…percent of women. And most importantly, men attribute their …(6)…to themselves, and women attribute it to other external factors. If you ask men why they did a good job, they'll say, "I'm awesome. Obviously. Why are you even asking?" If you ask women why they did a good job, what they'll say is someone helped them, they got …(7)…, they worked really hard. 

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