Thứ năm, 24/11/2016 | 19:30 GMT+7
Thứ năm, 24/11/2016 | 19:30 GMT+7

Học tiếng Anh: Trump công bố kế hoạch 100 ngày đầu ở Nhà Trắng

Tổng thống Mỹ mới đắc cử Donald Trump vạch chiến lược cho 100 ngày đầu bao gồm các vấn đề liên quan đến thương mại, xuất nhập cảnh. Nghe và điền từ vào chỗ trống.

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Today, I would like to provide the American people with an update on the White House transition and our policy …(1)…for the first 100 days. Our transition team is working very smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. Truly great and talented men and …(2)…, patriots indeed are being brought in and many will soon be a part of our government, helping us to Make America …(3)…Again. My agenda will be based on a simple core principle: putting America First.

Whether it’s producing steel, building cars, or curing disease, I want the next generation of production and innovation to …(4)…right here, in our great homeland: America – creating wealth and jobs for American workers. As part of this plan, I’ve asked my transition team to …(5)…a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our …(6)… It’s about time. These include the following.

On trade, I am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a potential …(7)…for our country. Instead, we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto American shores.

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