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Học tiếng Anh: Toán học tình yêu

Làm thế nào để biết thời điểm kết hôn thích hợp dựa trên những người bạn từng hẹn hò? Nghe video và thử áp dụng thuyết dừng tối ưu trong toán học cho các mối quan hệ. 

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So the question is then, how do you know when is the right time to settle down given all the people that you can date in your …(1)…? Thankfully, there's a rather delicious bit of mathematics that we can use to help us out here, called optimal stopping theory. So let's imagine then, that you start …(2)…when you're 15 and ideally, you'd like to be married by the time that you're 35. And there's a number of people that you could potentially date across your lifetime, and they'll be at varying levels of goodness. Now the …(3)…are that once you cash in and …(4)…, you can't look ahead to see what you could have had, and equally, you can't go back and change your …(5)… In my experience at least, I find that typically people don't much like being recalled years after being passed up for somebody else, or that's just me.

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