Thứ bảy, 26/11/2016 | 11:30 GMT+7
Thứ bảy, 26/11/2016 | 11:30 GMT+7

Học tiếng Anh qua bài hát 'Million years ago'

Nghe bài hát "Million years ago" của Adele, click vào cụm từ bôi xanh để học từ mới và cấu trúc. 

I only wanted to have fun
Learning to fly learning to run
I let my heart decide the way
When I was young
Deep down I must have always known
That this would be inevitable
To earn my stripes I'd have to pay
And bare my soul

I know I'm not the only one
Who regrets the things they've done
Sometimes I just feel it's only me
Who can't stand the reflection that they see
I wish I could live a little more
Look up to the sky not just the floor
I feel like my life is flashing by
And all I can do is watch and cry
I miss the air, I miss my friends
I miss my mother, I miss it when
Life was a party to be thrown
But that was a million years ago

Phiêu Linh

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