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Thứ tư, 23/11/2016 | 19:30 GMT+7

Học tiếng Anh: Những thảm họa kinh hoàng trong ngày Black Friday

Ẩu đả suốt đêm, xịt tiêu vào mặt người khác để giành giật hàng hóa, kết thúc chuyến mua sắm tại bệnh viện hoặc đồn cảnh sát là những thảm họa trong ngày Black Friday ở Mỹ. Nghe và điền từ vào chỗ trống. 

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Black Friday is known for its outrageous deals, and people are willing to do anything to get a piece of the action. Whether it’s skipping …(1)…, pepper spraying customers, or even trampling store employees, Black Friday has become deadly! Here are some of the worst Black Friday …(2)…!

Brawling the night away. In 2014 in Tustin, California, a group of women got into a physical brawl at a Kohl’s after 1AM on Black Friday. Two of the …(3)…victims had cuts on their faces, one had to be taken to the …(4)…while the other didn’t need medical attention. After the fight, …(5)…were able to track down and arrest three female suspects who were responsible for the brawl. Why the fight happened was unknown, but given the time of year, it was probably over some …(6)…product!

Balloon drop. In 2006 at the Del Amo fashion center in Torrance, California, someone in management thought it would be a great idea to drop over 500 …(7)…in the middle of the shopping complex. Inside the …(7)…were gift certificates for stores in the mall. Over 2.000 shoppers were present for the Black Friday …(8)…, and it was a disaster. People were injured and an elderly woman ended up having to go to the hospital. 

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