Thứ bảy, 12/11/2016 | 19:30 GMT+7
Thứ bảy, 12/11/2016 | 19:30 GMT+7

Học tiếng Anh: Nếu loài người biến mất (phần 1)

Tưởng tượng một ngày tất cả mọi người đột nhiên biến mất khỏi hành tinh này, điều gì sẽ xảy ra? Cùng xem video và điền từ nghe được vào chỗ trống. 

Phần 1

Today we are presenting you a video on an unusual topic, …(1)…that all people suddenly …(2)…from the planet, the reason is irrelevant just imagine the results, now we are going to tell you what is going to …(3)…after we are gone.

Several hours after …(4)…disappears lights all around the world will start to shut down, since most power stations work on fossil fuel, without people there won't be anybody to …(5)…them so they will stop.

48 hours after registering a sudden drop in energy consumption, …(6)…power plants will switch to safety mode. Windmills will keep working until the lubricant runs out. …(7)…panels will also eventually become useless due to dust deposits.  Nearly every region except for the one supplied by hydroelectric …(8)…will have their power cut off. On the west of the United States, the generators of Hoover dam are activated by the …(9)…flow from Lake Mead thus it can be left unattended for several …(10)…or even years.

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