Thứ bảy, 26/11/2016 | 19:54 GMT+7
Thứ bảy, 26/11/2016 | 19:54 GMT+7

Công Vinh nói tiếng Anh tại AFF Cup

Thủ quân đội tuyển Việt Nam Lê Công Vinh chia sẻ với báo giới nước ngoài về quyết tâm tại AFF Cup. 

Reporter: What do you think of the current situation of your national team of Vietnam because it looks, there are some experienced players but some slightly younger technical players as well, do you think this is now a very good condition for Vietnam, well, there’s a good balance in the sport?

Công Vinh: Before we go (to) Myanmar and play Suzuki Cup in 2016, I speak with the newspaper, it’s not easy for my team play in this season because we change many … player… old player. But now the national team Vietnam keep many player and young player. Some player (say) stop playing (in) and Suzuki Cup and this season. You know in play in AFF Suzuki Cup an only here many teams are strong. There are many player play long time ago in national team and play every year in AFF Suzuki Cup. You see, in last game we play with Myanmar in stadium here…not easy game right? But Myanmar is… every people speak Myanmar not so strong but in last game Myanmar play very well. But in many fans I think it’s 32.000 people, it’s not easy for young player. But in footbal, and normal, we need change, we need change, we need change and young player but after we can thinking for future. But national team Vietnam and need changing for future, it’s not easy but we hope, but sometimes we win but sometimes we lost but we don’t care but we need them thinking for future and for young player here in helping young player quality.  

Quang Nguyen